The Male Lead's Boyfriend is Obsessed With Me

남주의 남자친구가 내게 집착한다

Authors : 김이룬

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Adaptation , Drama , Fantasy , Josei , Manhwa , Reincarnation , Romance , Thriller , Villainess

Chapters: 31

Last update: 2 days ago

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I was transmigrated into a a dark and melodramatic BL novel. Moreover, I became the villainess who was madly in love with the obsessive male lead, the boss of Baekcheon, and died in the first encounter with the main characters! I thought about changing their love story, which ended with the death of my favourite schemer, into a happy ending! "Let's go together, to my hell." What? Did my favourite character just kidnap me? "I like you,”' “but this is too much.” To ensure that the story unfolded just like it did the novel, I tried to seduce my favourite character just enough that he would hesitate to kill me. "Why do you like me?" But something feels off. "Just try running away. That’s if you can, Princess." "I’ve got my eyes on you right now, I'll go crazy if you do." The male lead's boyfriend has started obsessing over me. "Please, Yeonbyeol..." "Don’t abandon me..." So dangerous and dizzying, it's impossible to escape!