I can hear it without a microphoneChapter 128.5
Mature Smut Webtoons Yaoi

The man next door has innocent + sexy + potato + bagel body.It's the perfect ideal type, but the first button was put in the wrong place due to the wrong delivery. One day, Apostle Won learned that Seolbeom was a sexy BJ! Can the passionate fan Sado-won and Sekbang BJ Seol-beom become an exhilarating relationship beyond the wall?

The Desire to KillChapter 37
Adult Mature Romance Smut

Despite her own lustful past, Lee Si-ae met and married her elite husband Cheol-jin. Even if sometimes she wants to satisfy her sexual needs from a man other than her husband, she's managed to live a quiet and peaceful life. However, Park Ki-jin, a man from her dark past, appears in front of her and her body reacts all over again.

Love Level UpChapter 60
Comedy Mature Romance Smut

Jung Dongwoo, famously known as "Another" in the game world, meets a player named "Honey Milk Tea" online. Over time, he develops a crush on her and decides to ask her out at the players' meetup - but when Sujin walks in, Dongwoo realizes that his beloved Honey Milk Tea is actually a man. Disappointed and embarrassed, Dongwoo starts chugging one drink after another, and it all goes south from there...

The Guild Member Next DoorChapter 50.5
Comedy Romance Yaoi

After suffering from a stalker, Yoon Ji-gu becomes extremely wary of people. Just in time, a man with a strange sexual orientation moved into the neighbor's house...? "Looks like there's a pervert living next door..." In reality, Lee Yeo-woon and Yoon Ji-gu are suspicious neighbors who are full of misunderstandings. In the game, the couple neutaaaa (Lee Yeo-woon) and ji9byeol. How will the relationship between the two change in and out of the game and reality?

Solo Max-Level NewbieChapter 163

Jinhyuk, a gaming Nutuber, was the only person who saw the ending of the game [Tower of Trials]. However, when the game’s popularity declined, it became difficult for him to continue making a living as a gaming Nutuber. Since he already saw the ending of the game, he was about to quit playing. But that day, [Tower of Trials] became reality, and Jinhyuk, who knew about every single thing in the game, took over everything faster than anyone possibly could! “I’ll show you what a true pro is like.”

Tentacle Recipe (OFFICIAL)Chapter 60
Smut Yaoi

A man steps into a VR game room, looking for some light VR fun after a drunk night out - but the next thing he knows? He's trapped inside the game, being toyed by huge demonic tentacles! His captors, the crafty devil duo, pay no attention to his cries for help as they scout for their next target to be trapped in the cycle of endless agony and pleasure. Editor's Comment: This comic contains depictions of sexual violence and graphic sexual content that some readers may find uncomfortable. Reader discretion is advised.

How To Survive As A PlayerChapter 31
Adult Mature Smut Webtoons

Trapped in the gaming world of Elix, Sehyun’s once mode of solace is now his prison. Here, one must conquer empires or be conquered. What’s more, dying in-game means dying in real life. Stuck in a perilous reality, Sehyun must save his empire while facing the effects of his corrupt past. To do so, he must regain the trust of his Grand Duke, Ruhak. But since he has so much resentment toward Sehyun, the only way to appease Ruhak is to succumb to his needs, no matter how immoral or carnal they are.

I Can See Your Stats!Chapter 34
Romance Shounen ai

One day in a city of wizards, <The Labyrinth> misfortune struck. Wizard Solar Singh Eira’s family all died. Thus, making Eira the next Solar Lord. His hometown which he hastily returned to seemed foreign. He barely managed to have a funeral for his family when the fatigue and stress made him faint. When he woke up... { Hello Master. It’s nice to meet you! ^o^ I am the cute spirit GM who will help you with <Otherworldly Adventures!> and <Joyful Territory Management!> full of Master’s dreams. I am so happy to be with you from now on. Hurray! Could you name me before starting? ☞ Insert Name __ } Why is this pebble looking spirit calling me Master? This is a quest to level up, no matter how I look at it, even the notification windows look like the game UIs of the previous life. W...What is this technology of modern civilization? It made me recall the games I used to play, so I decided to work hard on my quests. I even looked around the estate. However, that manor... [Days until the doom of Solar manor, D-234 Days] “There’s only 234 days left until doom...?” Alright, let’s start with the succession ceremony. I’m sure everything will work out.

Dungeon Reset [Official]Chapter 201
Action Comedy Shounen

Dawoon's ordinary life is turned upside down when he is summoned into the Dungeon, where he must play a deadly game, outlasting dangerous monsters and life-threatening traps. To make matters worse, he's only a mere crafter with zero combat abilities. But after Dawoon falls into a trap and survives after a glitched reset, he's gained random but oddly helpful skills. He'll need to get creative to clear the game and return home, with a bloodthirsty assistant and an adorable ground squirrel along for the ride. Now that the rules no longer apply to him, what possibilities await in the tunnels below?

Sex Complex - Body Complex CG ToonChapter 18
Adult Drama Mature Romance

After Jaehyun’s piano performance goes viral, world-renowned classical music professor, Kang Minwoo, takes him under his wing. This entails both a scholarship at a prestigious music school and... a sexual relationship outside of the classroom. Jaehyun hopes his special relationship with the professor will come with perks, such as an opportunity to study in Germany. But when the professor’s son, a piano prodigy, enters the picture, Jaehyun finds his plans thwarted.

Give the Harem to the VillainessChapter 52

(From Solstice Translations) Lin Ci transmigrated into the otome mobile game she created and became the villainess. The only way she can go back to the real world is avoiding the harem ending and letting the heroine, Rutas, end up with one love interest. Otherwise, Lin Ci would be killed according to the plot. To survive, Lin Ci must win over the men from the heroine one by one!

The Ideal RelationshipChapter 45
Drama Romance Shounen ai Webtoons

Sanghwa is a shy introvert with a longtime crush on his handsome friend Ryeohan, but then again, EVERYONE likes him. Feeling like he can’t compete for Ryeohan’s affections, Sanghwa dives into The Legend of Saga, an online game where he plays as “idealize.” He befriends “thegreatmirae,” a cute healer who clearly has a soft spot for Sangwha… and who just so happens to be a real-life gangster. Could this tough guy be the ideal lover Sanghwa’s been looking for after striking out in the real world?

How to Refuse the Route [Official]Chapter 55
Romance Shounen ai Webtoons Yaoi

In the ultimate dating game mayhem, Jerry Route's virtual love life takes center stage! Battling fainting spells due to his feeble stats, Jerry's three brothers crank up the competition for his affection. Enter the swoon-worthy crown prince Karyan and the fourth prince Ilya, who both vie for Jerry's attention. It's a hilarious, heart-fluttering quest as Jerry dodges the overprotective antics of friends and family, navigating the game while encountering an amusing array of characters. Will Jerry find true love amidst the chaos, or will his frailty throw a comical wrench into his romantic escapades?

Ningen BokujouChapter 3
Adult Mature Smut Yaoi


Freak-QuencyChapter 100
Action Drama

Sonnya's brother Milo is missing, and the only clue she has to his disappearance is a mysterious text message. She discovers Milo is somehow involved with the now-defunct RPG game, "Freak-quency," which was stopped for good reason: players were disappearing. To her horror, she also finds that the game is no longer confined to computers, and has found a new home in the world of the living. Just what was Milo mixed up in? Finding Milo means she'll have to play... and it's anyone's guess what the game has in store for her.

Beauty in a click (eng ver)Chapter 1
Romance Webtoons

A devil appeared in front of me who was suffering because of my ugly appearance! Is it possible for me to become beautiful in just one click? CUTE, SEXY, PURE AND LUXURY! I can change into anything! I thought I would become happy, but… it's obvious it's not that easy.

Trapped in A Cursed Game As an NPCChapter 53 HOT
Comedy Drama Romance

I'm going to live a normal life! ...said Shari Azriel, the apothecary of the Dover village. Then one day, I realised that I possessed an NPC in a video game! I've been locked up here for two years, and I only just noticed. If I can't get out of the game... "A, in their 20's, was found starved to death while playing VR games." This could be what I'm remembered as! "I have to get out!" However, it was too late when I came to the realisation that... I can't log out because of an error! That means, the only way out would be approaching the male lead, "The Lord of Nightmares", and helping his comrades defeat the final villain. So I have no choice but to wait until the game ends... The difficulty level, the story, the likelihood of failure in such a heinous game, a game that nobody won before... "The Lord of Nightmares has a strong urge to kill you." Somehow, I believe dying by the male lead's hands would be faster.

Auto-mode Expired in the 6th Round of the Otome GameChapter 35

When I regained consciousness, I found myself in an otome game. I would quickly head towards destruction. It made no difference whether it was a good ending or a bad ending. I became the character known as, “Mariabell Tempest,” the daughter of a pedigree family. Despite possessing an unrivaled level of beauty, I had the worst personality, that of a villainess. Nevertheless, I was conscious, but was unable to make any actions as I was completely in auto-mode. In the first playthrough, I was extremely flustered; on the second playthrough, I was despairing; by the third round, I had already given up. And now, the fifth round has already ended. For the sixth round, for some reason I had become a young girl and regained the ability to move and talk. Eh, what the heck is this?

How did I end up with a boyfriend while gaming?Chapter 68
Comedy Drama Romance Shounen ai

The male lead was simply on a business trip, and suddenly he had to share a themed love suite with a popular big boss of the esports world? What’s up with this transparent bathroom door and vibrating bed?!?! The next day, they each went their separate ways. But at night, when the male lead was drinking his work frustrations away at a late-night roadside food stall, the big boss suddenly appeared before him and said that the male lead was his idol? Wait a minute, what’s going on? “Hey! I’ve already retired from gaming three years ago, don’t try to tempt me to return to esports!”

I Realized I Am the Younger Brother of the Protagonist in a BL GameChapter 18.5
Romance Shounen ai

Reincarnating from a fujoshi to the younger brother of a BL game MC!! All I wanted was to watch over my older brothers, but I became the main character?! A working-class adult fujoshi reincarnates as the younger brother of the BL game protagonist that I played in my previous life. It's after my elder brother gets together with one of the game capture targets... From watching the "happy ever after" of the "oshi couple", to seeing how the other brokenhearted capture targets bounce back, this position is just too delicious!!! But when I was playing the game, there was no "younger brother"?!!

How to Survive as a Maid in a Horror GameChapter 50
Comedy Drama Horror Romance

“Don’t disappoint me, Hilda.” 「Adrian’s murderous intent is rising.」 「Convince Adrian to lower his murderous intent. If you fail to do so, you will die.」 「Adrian’s murderous intent: 92%」 Adrian Kaiser von der Paltzdraf. The successor to the Patzdraf Family. He is praised as an angel by the entire world, but only I knew the truth. That all the serial murders and attempted murders, which have been causing a fuss in this region as of late, have all been the actions of that amicable looking young master. No, I was the only one who could know this. Since I was the only one who entered into this ridiculous horror game world. Someone save me, please!

The Ideal Relationship (Official)Chapter 23
Drama Romance Shounen ai Webtoons

Sanghwa is a shy introvert with a longtime crush on his handsome friend Ryeohan, but then again, EVERYONE likes him. Feeling like he can’t compete for Ryeohan’s affections, Sanghwa dives into The Legend of Saga, an online game where he plays as “idealize.” He befriends “thegreatmirae,” a cute healer who clearly has a soft spot for Sangwha… and who just so happens to be a real-life gangster. Could this tough guy be the ideal lover Sanghwa’s been looking for after striking out in the real world?

The Demon King's ChampionChapter 66
Action Comedy Shounen

Once a hardcore gamer, 75 is now a full-fledged hero inside his favorite game! After one too many all-nighters, he dies of a heart attack at his computer but finds himself reborn in the middle of a boss fight. Unequipped and lacking the skills to survive on his own, 75 uses his smarts to convince Devo the Demon King to take him under his wing. Now 75 is on an epic quest to help the Demon King stay in power! To get there, 75 has to level up and conquer all his enemies, but if he doesn’t, this might just be his last life...

S-Class Hunter Doesn't Want to Be a Villainous Princess [Speedcat Version]Chapter 46

I'm done with romance, so send me home! Kim Yi-Young was just an ordinary civil service exam candidate in South Korea. After studying for more than four and a half years, she finally passed, a truly ordinary person with nothing but reading novels here and there as a hobby. However, on the day she went out for a celebratory meal after passing the exam, she got into a traffic accident and died, only to find herself reincarnated into the fantasy hunter novel she was reading. To her, the "System" offered a way back home. Determined solely to return home and cuddle her warm cat and adorable Maltese, Cerberus, she gained strength through dozens of regressions. Signing contracts with the constellations of the original work and dying multiple times, she eventually succeeded in conquering the "Tower" of the original work and defeating the owner of the tower on the final floor. Now, all that's left is to go home...... Or so she thought! [Due to an error, instead of returning to the original world, we will reincarnate you into the author's new work!] I don't need that! All I wanted was my sweet home! Is that so difficult?! I even got rid of the Tower!?!?! Moreover, romance fantasy?! Even in my previous life, I didn't care about romance, not one bit! And to top it off, I didn't even reincarnate into my own body this time, but into the "villainess" of the book! I'm not afraid of the threats in this world, but I'm worried about being forced into a romance quest. Can I go home......?

Master and Her Seven LoversChapter 116

* A game of romance that may prove to be fatal! Detective Winnie Kiu entered a virtual game while in pursuit of a murderer. She put her life on the line and relied on Code Guest's help to save seven princes trapped in the game. Solving cases in the real world and adventuring in the game world, romance is everywhere in this intense and exciting game. The seven princes await their master's arrival!

Overgeared [Official]Chapter 189
Action Shounen Webtoons

Shin Youngwoo (a.k.a. Grid), an unlucky man in life and a low-level player in the popular VR game “Satisfy,” finds a powerful item that earns him a rare legendary class title: “Pagma’s Successor.” He’s now a skilled blacksmith who can forge unique weapons and equip the game’s most powerful gear. Grid resolves to use his new abilities to achieve fame and fortune, but as his very existence begins to stir up trouble in Satisfy, he realizes that life as a legend may be more than he bargained for….

The Villainess Enters The Game!Chapter 18
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

I was hit by a car... then transmigrated into my favorite game?! It seems I have some major issues! First of all, I don’t remember who I was before the accident. Second, I’m the villainess in this game! Luckily, I transmigrated to a point in the story where I’m still a child, so there is still time to change my fate. I know those close to me will betray me, and I remember what turns me wicked. If I can just lift my mother’s curse and master my powers, maybe I can turn my life around. I just have to save myself before it’s too late!

The Esper's GameChapter 91
Action Shounen Webtoons

Seventeen years ago, the world was saved from destruction by the Seven Heroes. But it came with the sacrifice of the strongest one among them, Seomun Yeop. Now that there is peace, beings like the Seven Heroes known as “espers” no longer have use for their supernatural powers. That’s where Battle Field comes in, an action VR game specifically created to allow espers to showcase their skills. Unfortunately, Korea hasn’t been doing so well in the recent tournaments, making it hard to believe that it was once home to the greatest esper in history. But just when all hope seems lost, Seomun Yeop miraculously returns! Will the legendary hero be able to save his people yet again?

Nightingale and the RoseChapter 31
Romance Yuri

One day, streamer Bai Xinxin is transmigrated into the prince's daughter, Bai Yueguang of the suspense game "Nightingale and the Rose". But everyone in this game is hell-bent on killing Bai Yueguang, and Lan Sha—who is controlled by the player—is the only one who can protect her. Whilst fighting for her life against enemies known and unknown, in her struggle to survive from the jealousy of a bunch of yanderes, from the killing intent emanating from political opponents who object to the marriage alliance... Bai Yueguang tries to find a way to survive with Lan Sha by her side, too. However, the main character "Lan Sha" doesn't seem to be a mere NPC...

The Max Level HeroineChapter 66
Action Romance Webtoons

Joo Seyoung was a top player in the VR game Arcadia Online, but her life is turned upside down when she accidentally accepts a quest that sends her into a mysterious fantasy world. There, she conquers a dangerous maze and learns the truth of why she was summoned: to find and destroy the seven cursed divine items to stop the demon god's return. As completing this task is her only way home, Seyoung agrees to save the world, but can this max level heroine conquer the hellish perils that lie ahead?

The Overpowered Newbie (Official)Chapter 90
Action Comedy Shounen

With his orphanage on the brink of closure, Kim Jaeju needs to get rich fast. His best shot is to conquer the mysterious tower that appeared in the world seven years ago, except that few who enter the tower ever manage to return. Jaeju is just about at his wits' end when all of a sudden, he receives a bunch of videos featuring himself clearing the tower in the future! With his own comprehensive walkthrough in the palm of his hand, will this overpowered newbie be able to conquer the tower?

Everyone Else is A ReturneeChapter 46
Action Comedy Martial arts

Left behind again, and again, and again. The straggler was abandoned by all of mankind due to a cloaking technique unknown even by God. “Why was I the only one left behind? Why did this happen to me?” [In the end, even after God had devised a list of all the humans meant to be transported to another world, he could not find you. You said it was a truly phenomenal cloaking technique, right?] So I, alone since birth, began my lonesome daily life on Earth, awaiting humanity’s return.

Dream Lover Strategy GuideChapter 57

Joey Qiu is the star of her college boxing club and guys tend to gravitate towards her… but for all the wrong reasons. She’s seen as a fierce fighter, a tomboy, and a “bro,” yet all she wants is a chance at a tender-loving relationship! Feeling doomed to be single, she wins a free trial for a mysterious dating game app. With round after round of romantic encounters, Joey’s set on knocking out the in-game objectives—but why does she keep on running into the most popular guy in school?!

Be Frank and StrictChapter 91
Drama Romance Shounen ai

In the eyes of honest people, the webmaster who scrimps and saves to buy skirts • He Lang x In the eyes of the rich young master, the honest person who is a pure, adorable, and soft younger sister • Yang Juan <p>The honest person Yang Juan is entrusted by his current roommate to play a female character in-game and engage in online dating. During the day, he earnestly does experiments; during the night, he conscientiously plays as a soft younger sister, never forgetting to tighten his own sockpuppet.</p> *Younger sister (妹) is used here to refer to a younger lady than the speaker; not for familial relations

The Villainess Enters The Game! (Official)Chapter 41
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

I was hit by a car…then transmigrated into my favorite game?! It seems I have some major issues! First, I don’t remember who I was before the accident. Second, I’m the villainess in this game! Luckily, I transmigrated to a point in the story where I’m still a child, so there is still time to change my fate. I know those close to me will betray me, and I remember what turns me wicked. If I can just lift my mother’s curse and master my powers, maybe I can turn my life around. I just have to save myself before it’s too late!

The World Of Cang Lan (Official)Chapter 330
Martial arts Romance Supernatural

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Hyper LuckChapter 80
Action Shounen

The luck that was missing from my life, came all at once before quitting the game. Lee Ki-Ho, who tried to turn his life around in the world’s first virtual reality game -1, claimed the rare item not one in 4 billion players ever came across! “He really went from rags to riches!”

리더(Reader)-읽는자Chapter 144
Comedy Webtoons

Bookworm - Soo-Hyuk. Reading fun number one, always looking for a new way to read books. Even joined a new game so no one could disturb him from reading books. The moment Soo-Hyuk finished reading his first book and closed it, he received a notification: Wisdom +1 level...

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Official)Chapter 98.5
Action Comedy Drama Ecchi

29-year-old programmer Suzuki Ichirou finds himself transported into a fantasy RPG. Within the game, he's a 15-year-old named Satou. At first he thinks he's dreaming, but his experiences seem very real. Due to his use of a 3-time-use special power (meteor shower), he ends up wiping out an army of lizardmen and becoming very high level. He hides his level and plans to live peacefully and meet new people, though developments in the game story (like the return of a demon king) might get in his way.

Double ClickChapter 138

Jiho was globally ranked Number 1 in a game notorious for its difficulty. That game was thought to have been shut down but is back in a fresh coat of paint! Jiho, dreaming once again of attaining rank 1, joins his high school’s Esports club. It has been a while since he last played, but his senses are still alive. However, as the game has changed, unexpected weaknesses arise. The main character, who becomes more passionate the stronger his opponents are, is attempting to become a professional gamer!

I Am Not A GoddessChapter 49
Action Ecchi

The ancient civilization fell and was sealed away, and humans found a mysterious stone tablet and a man that slept for eternity. Through research, they released a 100% virtual world, and the federation governments expand across the globe with millions of people immersed within. While the Main Protagonist was entering the virtual world, his gender changed and became a woman, starting a series of bone-chilling adventures. Reality is entangled within Virtual reality, moving the world towards an unknown direction......

The Making of a Miraculous DoctorChapter 61
Action Comedy Drama Webtoons

Layne, a freshly graduated med student, believes there must be something wrong with him when a mysterious game screen appears before him one day. Upon assessing that he hasn’t actually gone insane, he decides to open the screen, only to be given incredible medical skills! On top of that, he must now carry out tasks while working as an intern at the hospital to earn more skills and various items. What kinds of challenges await him, and how will his newly obtained abilities help him navigate through his medical career?

The ChallengerChapter 52.5
Action Shounen

Loser, ‘Weakling’, ‘Ground’. These nicknames are used to describe me in real life. However, that is only the case for ‘reality’. There’s no rule that I’ll also be a loser in a virtual reality game! In this game, I am the greatest! ‘Loser’ Park Noah’s Pro Gamer Challenge ‘THE CHALLENGER’

The King of Gaming Bugs! [Official]Chapter 120
Action Drama Shounen

Computer game programmer, Xander Song spends his days suffering under his abusive boss and cruel coworkers. Tasked with debugging a new video game called “New Realm,” Xander instead transforms the bugs into easter eggs for only the worthiest of players to uncover. One fateful day, reality rewrites itself and merges with “New Realm.” Thrust into a whole new world, Xander must find his way among desperate players while beating dangerous bosses. Will Xander’s knowledge of the game be enough to survive? Or will it be GAME OVER before he knows it?

Bride of ObsidianChapter 46
Drama Romance Webtoons

A pathetic life where I can’t even dream of love. The night when I tried to end my life because I’m tired of my unhappy married life. A special invitation came flying at me. [You’re a shining being like a jewel. A jewel box where shining beings like you gather…

Long Live My Queen (Official)Chapter 178

It was just another ordinary day when Xi Yuan got hit by a bus. Because she wasn't meant to die yet, God decides to transfer her soul to a different universe: the very one in the game she played and always lost. Now that she lives in it, will she be able to rule the harem and capture the princes' hearts without dying?

Feng Qi Cang Lan (Official)Chapter 194
Martial arts Romance Supernatural

When playing a virtual reality game called Cang Lan, Xiao Wan gets pushed off a cliff. She ends up in another game world. What will happen to Xiao Wan, a rookie who has no qualifications and has the cultivation level of a waste? How should the little rookie climb up to the end of the sea of ​​clouds, the top of Canglan, step by step? The diary of the cultivator rookie will be written from now on! Even if the road is ruthless and difficult and dangerous, the girl will break out of the sky!

The Game That I Come From (Official)Chapter 154
Action Shounen

With the rise of a popular RPG called Tianyong Game, its max-level players called "awakeners" have come to dominate the real world in terms of wealth and power. Despite Ling Ce's natural talent for the game, it's nearly impossible for him to catch up to these players because he started playing the game a year after its release. But as luck would have it, a glitch in the game's teleportation system takes him back three years into the past with his memories intact. Now, Ling Ce is determined to utilize his knowledge and experiences to become an awakener and turn his life around. No amount of carnivorous plant monsters or insanity level dungeons will stop the determined hero from reaching the peak! ⓒ MOKF / Kuaikan Comics All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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