Blood LinkChapter 135
Romance Smut Yaoi

Hwa Gok is just a normal university student, until he sees a girl being attacked by the popular Lee Bin, and jumps in her defence. The only problem is that Lee Bin is more than meets the eye…

Mercenary EnrollmentChapter 197
Action Drama Romance

Yu Ijin was the sole survivor of a plane crash when he was little. After becoming a mercenary to survive for 10 years, he returns to his family in his hometown.

Cheating Men Must DieChapter 427
Action Romance

One moment oppressing scum yields a moment of satisfaction. Continuously oppressing scum yields continuous satisfaction. Our female main lead, Su Lüxia is bound to the Female Lead Counterattack System and transmigrates to several small worlds. Using elaborate means, she beats up countless cheating bastards and bitches. Su Lüxia: “Only a cheating bastard’s tears of remorse, and the pained moans of a bitch unable to get what she wants bring me solace.“ System: “Has my host tapped into her humanity today? Nope.“

Jungle JuiceChapter 138
Action Horror

The mysterious bug medicine ‘Jungle juice’ made him an insect human. Jang Su-chan, a college student who used to hide his teeth, one day he looked like that. You’ll be seen by everyone, and you’ll be in the insect world. You fight against the weak-kneed logic…

CollideChapter 130
Action Romance Shounen

Joy was never a girl who stood out. But one day a fateful encounter brings Moowon to her – supernatural espers like him are drawn to and activated by special genes she never knew she had. Though his given mission is to protect Joy from the unseen war she’s now thrust into, Moowon feels a growing attraction… Is it just her genes or something deeper that moves him? From hit romance series creator Wann.

The Legendary Moonlight SculptorChapter 175
Action Comedy Drama Martial arts

The man forsaken by the world, the man a slave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3.1 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it

Iron LadiesChapter 605
Action Comedy Ecchi

University graduate Mu Siyun sent his resume to the star fleet on a whim and somehow became the Fleet Admiral! Ths is the story about an admiral with a harem of 3000 female soldiers conquering the universe… Translator's version: The smartest university student to ever graduate from Daxia University's Department of Political History, Mu Siyun, enlists in Beiyang's Fleet on a whim and somehow becomes the Fleet Admiral. Knowing fully well how the world works and how the rich dominate the poor, Mu Siyun seeks to defy the heavens and bring order and hope back to the universe by scheming against his enemies.

The Princess' SpaceshipChapter 85

The first lieutenant of the Space Alliance Defence Force, Suna Kim, travels dimensionally to a fantasy world called Rofan! An extreme survival story plays out after she dies and reincarnates as the daughter of Duke Langtry, who was cursed and killed. The frugal lady travels in search of her spaceship, which crash-landed in the unfamiliar and barren fantasy world. A lively and brutal romance in court!

Nano ListChapter 147

Original Webtoon:

The Legendary MechanicChapter 273

Han Xiao, a veteran player of the game "Galaxy" died unexpectedly in the middle of doing a leveling request. He was transmitted to the game world ten years earlier and became an NPC with a player's panel and was reborn in the base of the game's villain. In order to survive, Han Xiao resolutely chose the "Mechanic" occupation and concentrated on cultivation. Familiar with the iterations and rules of multiple versions of the game, he vowed to lead the army of machines, overthrow the villains, and rise from scratch to become the strongest.

Trinity WonderChapter 102
Action Comedy Drama Ecchi

What happens when the greatest martial artist of the Murim world meets a genius magician from a fantasy world?

From Today On, I’m a BoyChapter 77

"If nobody notices that you are a girl until we graduate, I will give you a billion won." "I'm in." The bet was on. Will Shiru be able to hide her identity until she graduates?!

World's End HaremChapter 123
Drama Ecchi Romance Shounen

Series by LINK and ero-manga author Kotaro Shouno follows a young man awakened in a strange future after being frozen in an effort to save him from his currently incurable disease.-------------------------------Published in Shounen Jump Plus

World's Apocalypse OnlineChapter 265

When the end of the world came, in the hopeless darkness, Gu Qingshan broke away from time and space, and returned to the world before it collapsed, determined to change his fate. But as time went on, he gradually realized that the apocalypse is not as simple as it seemed...

It Starts with a kingpin accountChapter 244
Action Supernatural

The sudden crisis brought the earth directly into the OL era, and all mankind was reduced to the palm of unknown forces. Everyone became a first-class trumpet. In the cruel era of the weak and the strong, the high school student Ye Hao could only rise to three. Level, when he was about to die, accidentally opened the king's account upgrade system, can Ye Hao become the strongest king?

Kitty BoyChapter 105
Drama Romance Webtoons

After moving into her new home, college senior Eva Qiao finds a stray cat in her basement. Rusty is your normal kitty boy. He sleeps a lot, purrs when pet, and he's also a half-human hybrid?! Abandoned by his owner as a failed experiment, Eva decides to adopt him and quickly learns she’s going to need more than nine lives to handle him.

Soul DriftersChapter 57
Action Ecchi Romance Supernatural

" The human race has finally developed beyond natural death. The immortality so many have dreamed of has finally come to fruition.Claire Clayton, employed by the Eternal Life Corporation, spearheads similar projects as a prestigious researcher. Her wife, Sheryl Goss, holds the top position in the very same company. A stable job and a loving partner – the perfect life.Unbeknownst to her, she is an important piece of a puzzle she herself needs to solve; one which will unveil the mystery of life force and memory transference and shed light on the events of her murky past. - from Lezhin "

RendezvousChapter 100
Action Webtoons

When I wake up, everything is a mess. War? Extraterrestrial invasion? Whatever it is, I just need to take personal revenge.

HiveChapter 243
Action Horror Webtoons

People are having the serious issue with the global warming in 2014, but what if unknown gigantic insects appear in the city because of pollutants are above the average? Now, here is the last human-being (main character) tries to escape from the danger and tries to find a way to save the city.

Dr. StoneChapter 186
Action Comedy Shounen

Imagine waking to a world where every last human has been mysteriously turned to stone ... One fateful day, all of humanity was petrified by a blinding flash of light. After several millennia, high schooler Taiju awakens and finds himself lost in a world of statues. However, he's not alone! His science-loving friend Senku's been up and running for a few months and he's got a grand plan in mind—to kickstart civilization with the power of science! One day, Ooki Taiju was finally prepared to declare his love to his crush, Yuzuriha, and when he was finally about to do so... the world ends, with everyone petrified by an unknown cause. During thousands of years, Taiju holds to his determination while being trapped in stone, thinking about Yuzuriha.October 5th, 5738 AD. Taiju awakes and gets out of the stone. He finds that his friend, Senkuu, also survived, and they decide they are going to rebuild civilization from zero together.

MoritatChapter 52
Drama Shounen ai Webtoons

"I woke up in the hospital with nothing but fragments of memories from my life up to now. There was a man standing by my bed, who introduced himself as my lover. But one of my few recollections is of being left for dead in a snowy field by this very same man... Still, he looks like the only one who can provide me with the answers I need. Who the hell is he? What was the real relationship between the two of us?"

The Princess's SpaceshipChapter 85

“Is this how I’m gonna die?” At the height of battle, a space sergeant meets her unfortunate end and enters the body of the cursed Miola de Langtree! Now this soldier-turned-princess’s only mission is to locate her spaceship and escape this fantasy world of frilly dresses and haughty manners. But the shuttle is nowhere to be found, a suspicious masked man is hounding her, and her own sister wants her dead?! Time for this sergeant to fight for survival the only way she knows how… by joining the prestigious Knights Order! Will she make it back to the stars she came from? Based on the hit novel.

Stack OverflowChapter 66
Drama Smut Webtoons Yaoi

If you become a game tester, not only money but you'll also be given a vacation?But participate in such virtual game had led him into an unexpected accident. Gowoon, who have just barely open his eyes, received a mysterious notification."Would you like to start a new game?"A game that has invaded reality!! Who's the other party that'll be with me till the end...!!?!

Codename:MistChapter 77
Action Yaoi

The youngest middle commander, Woo Tae-ha, will be assigned to the “East Seven Center,” a defense facility located outside the city. Dr. Yeon, who works in the medical office, faces a new commander, Tae-ha Woo, and Tae-ha saves her from a crisis....! Taeha's provocative temptation started with this opportunity. "year… If there's anything you want, you'll have to speak straight... ??

Roll With The BeastChapter 91
Comedy Romance Shounen ai Supernatural

Fang Qi , an alchemist living with the modern world ,travels through space to a demon-ruling land due to an alchemical accident.He decides to make demons into pills .However , when he wakes up , he finds that he is married to a demon named Bai Yuying .After a series of unspeakable events , the demon suddenly grows up. Bai Yuying is not as weak and small as rumors say at all -Everything about him is big !!

Action Comedy Ecchi Supernatural

As an UNLUCKY girl prepares to face her death, an UNDEAD who desperately wants to die appears before her! Vicious, violent and buck naked! Originally uploaded on

Androids wa Ai no Yume wo MirukaChapter 17
Drama Mature Romance Smut

"I'll do anything for you, Riko." After her father's death, Riko suddenly finds herself living with his parting gift: a male humanoid robot called Akito. Booting up this high-functioning robot turns Riko's calm and mundane life upside-down! Although she finds him annoying, the more she watches him, the harder it gets to turn him off... Then, one day, the curious and rather touchy-feely Akito says... "Can kissing convey my love for you?"...What's with this robot? Turns out he has a secret function...!

Knights & MagicChapter 122
Action Comedy Drama Romance

A mecha otaku is reincarnated into another world as Ernesti "Eru" Echevalier. In this magical world, the country is protected by knights who pilot a kind of large humanoid weapon known as the Silhouette Knights. Dreaming of piloting these robots, Eru and his childhood friends, Archid and Adeltrud Olter, study Magic and work toward their goal together.The manga adaptation of the light novel series by the same name.

Shadow HackChapter 224
Action Drama

By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten?I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess…….all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still increase his skills.[Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience points and ability points.]

Unknown CodeChapter 82.5
Action Comedy Horror

Alien invasions come in all shapes and sizes. This time, Earth is under attack by "Unknown Codes" that infiltrate digital devices to eviscerate the human race. The only way to counter these codes is to play their own game. An awkward mesh of men with different motives are recruited to fight. How is everything going to end?

Little MushroomChapter 31
Romance Shounen ai Webtoons

An Zhe was a mushroom whose life purpose was to bear his own spore. One day, he lost his spore. After searching all around the world, he finally spotted a familiar spore on television. An Zhe knocked desperately on the door of a certain colonel of the human military. “Good day, Sir. How is your research study going? Could you please return my son to me afterwards?”

Hero KillerChapter 171
Action Shounen

"Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older." The war ended with the defeat of the villains. Now the world is ruled by corrupt heroes. And one of those heroes killed Yihwa’s unni. She doesn’t know which one, but that doesn’t matter. If she kills them one by one, they will be among them. Yihwa becomes the Hero Killer, a villain who hunts heroes every night. This one villain’s vicious action fight. “I’ll kill everyone, and take everything away!”

KinnikumanChapter 842
Action Adult Comedy Martial arts

Kinnukuman, a weak and clumsy super hero, constantly getting into wacky situations. As the series progressed, the story began changing from comedy to action as Kinnukuman battles stronger and stronger foes in the wrestling ring. The series continually introduced new Super Human characters, known as Choujins, who would challenge Kinnikuman and his friends for various purposes. (From Toriyama's World) Kinnikuman received the Shogakukan Manga Award for sh?nen manga in 1985.

GleipnirChapter 88
Action Comedy Drama Ecchi

Shuichi Kagaya isn't human. He has an unnatural sense of smell, and can transform into an incredibly powerful beast... of sorts. He does all he can to avoid standing out and being discovered, but no good deed goes unpunished, and his decision to use his power to save a girl spells the end for his quiet life.

Kyochuu RettouChapter 37
Action Comedy Drama Ecchi

After an airplane crash during a school trip, Oribe Mutsumi and her classmates were stranded on a seemingly deserted island. Mutsumi found the other survivors, and used her wilderness knowledge to help them. She expects that they will be rescued in about three days, which doesn't seem so long to endure. However, she didn't account for the fact that the island is populated with gigantic killer insects. Her knowledge of butterflies, wasps, and more may be the only thing that will help any of her classmates survive to be rescued!

Hero? I Quit A Long Time Ago.Chapter 452
Action Shounen

Zero was mankind’s first real superhero. Under his watch, countless other superheros appeared and followed in his footsteps. However, after 5 years of war, Zero disappeared without a trace.

Girl And ScienceChapter 554
Action Comedy Ecchi Romance

They were childhood friends, and she had always been more powerful than him. But when they accidentally travelled (summoned?) to another world, it was finally time for him to become the knight in shining armor! He had to find her first though, since they were separated… Come and witness his fight to be better in a crazy world where monsters roamed and technology was so advanced your amputated limbs be restored to perfection…

A.I DoctorChapter 101
Action Drama

Betting on TaeHwa Group's future, an A.I. created for diagnosis named Baruda! First year neurosurgeon resident Lee Soohyuk was working with Baruda when he was hit by a mysterious explosion and lost consciousness. After regaining consciousness, he met A.I. Baruda in his mind. Already inseparable, they are faced with a situation where they must help each other. Baruda, who, through deep learning, aims to become the best diagnoser, and Soohyuk, who still aims to come into his own, work together to become the world's best neurosurgeon.

The Color of the NightChapter 45
Drama Webtoons Yaoi

In Herera, neuro-tech is the norm and immortality is just a body swap away. As head of Herrera’s military, Finlay Eckstein has always had reason to watch the closed-off Prime Minister, Kiaran Bedoya, but not much reason to take an interest. That is, until Finlay comes across a rather…special video. It shows a Kiaran of decades earlier, standing in an S&M club with his eyes fixated on the scene before him. But it’s not the Prime Minister’s presence at a raunchy location that intrigues Finlay - no, it’s the look in Kiaran’s eyes. Lust. Desire. Jealousy. One thing is clear to Finlay, and it’s that the cold and aloof Prime Minister wants nothing more than to be turned into a pleasure slave and Finlay himself is more than happy to oblige. But with these two men both holding positions at the top of Herera’s political hierarchy, could their entanglement have consequences far bigger than mutual satisfaction?

Battle FrenzyChapter 344

Amidst a disaster, an orphan contracts a sickness. In his waking hours, he is tormented by his ailment, but when he slumbers, there is infinite darkness. One day, when he was five years old, a strange Fate Trickster appeared in his dreams. Ten years later, he dreams of becoming a lord. To do so, he takes a chance to trade his fate! That day, Wang Zhong once again stood at the gates of the Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy. He was about to start a brand new life.

DenmaChapter 997
Action Shounen Webtoons

Poisonjoint Scanlations Dyke was once a terrifying villain with the power of Quanx. One day he accidentally agrees with a contract to work the delivery service company Silver Quick five years in return for his debt being cleaned, and then he was knocked out. When he wakes up, he is stuck inside a body of a 12 year old boy. Now he is working as part of the intergalactic delivery service trying his best to get his old body back and take revenge onto who ever is responsible for this.

Nice to Meet YouChapter 79
Drama Romance Supernatural

Same place, different time - A time slip romance.

I Don't Want This Kind of HeroChapter 297
Action Comedy Shounen Supernatural

A hero who fights countless mythical creatures. A story of SPOON's remarkable efficiency!

Yes, My Lady!Chapter 55

Xia Yu Xiang was born in a family devoted to raising butlers and was trained from a young age to dedicate his life to protecting his master. Finally, Xia Yu Xiang is presented with an opportunity to make use of his skills when he is recruited by the Zong Zheng family to be a butler. Zong Zheng Tong is a young, petite, genius girl with cold, distant blue eyes, and a stern, rigid personality. How will Xia Yu Xiang react to his new master?

Real ManChapter 198
Action Drama

The world's only one best CEO, Han Yoo Hyun. He leaves everything behind and relives his life!

Freak-QuencyChapter 100
Action Drama

Sonnya's brother Milo is missing, and the only clue she has to his disappearance is a mysterious text message. She discovers Milo is somehow involved with the now-defunct RPG game, "Freak-quency," which was stopped for good reason: players were disappearing. To her horror, she also finds that the game is no longer confined to computers, and has found a new home in the world of the living. Just what was Milo mixed up in? Finding Milo means she'll have to play... and it's anyone's guess what the game has in store for her.

Hanger - ShikkouninChapter 44.5
Action Comedy Drama Romance

In Neo-Tokyo, crime is rising rapidly in the wake of a new generation of super-drugs capable of enhancing the user's physical and mental abilities. Hajime Tsukomo is a new recruit on a federal task force trained to go after these powered-up criminals. Now he must team up with Zeroichi, a so-called Hanger looking to reduce his own jail sentence in exchange for helping to take down these chemically-boosted bad guys.

Uchuu KyoudaiChapter 413
Comedy Drama

One night in 2006, when they were young, the two brothers Mutta (born 1993) and Hibito (born 1996) saw what appeared to be a UFO heading for the moon. They decided that night to both become astronauts and travel out into space.In 2025, Hibito has become an astronaut, and he's going to go to the moon. Mutta ended up following a more traditional career path with an auto development company. However, Mutta just ruined his career through a violent altercation with his boss. Now, not only has he lost his job, he appears to be blacklisted in the entire industry. Maybe this is a rare opportunity for Mutta to once again chase his childhood dream and become an astronaut like his little brother!Nominated for the 2nd and 3rd Manga Taisho Award.Won the 56th Shogakukan Manga Award and 35th Kodansha Manga Award in the General Category.

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