Tokyo -Shiki-

Tokyo: Four Seasons,東京 ─四季─

Authors : Haru

Status : Completed

Genres : Adult , Drama , Manga , Mature , Psychological , Smut , Yaoi

Chapters: 6

Last update: 4 days ago

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Volume 1 As for the tutoring fee, you can pay me with sex. Saotome Kyouhei, a Rōnin student, runs into Jinguuji Yuito—a classmate of his, who got into the university he had failed to get into, with the highest score. Born into a strict family where everyone is accomplished, Kyouhei was raised to become a model student, but he finds himself backed into a corner after facing his first setback, namely, failing to get admitted into university. Jinguuji approaches Kyouhei offering to become his private tutor in exchange for sex. Although he dislikes it, Kyouhei gets completely caught up in Jinguuji's sadistic acts as he grows extremely obsessed with Kyouhei… A love story spanning four seasons in Tokyo, including, Autumn, Winter, and Summer. Volume 2 It'd be in our best interests to not know anything about each other. It will become a mess otherwise. On a sweltering summer night, the star of his advertising agency, Yagami, starts a no-strings-attached relationship with a certain man he met at a gay bar. The man was easy on the eyes and wore a suit despite it being the middle of summer which screamed elite. Yet, he was inexperienced, a virgin through and through. Yagami didn't even know his name—their relationship was purely physical. Besides the sex, dragging in anything else was forbidden—that was their relationship, and that's how it was supposed to be... The man had courage and respected Yagami's boundaries, but before he knew it, Yagami began to catch feelings for him. Yagami had never intended to get serious. That was how things were supposed to be...?? A love story spanning four seasons in Tokyo, Summer. Also includes 'Spring' - a story of Kazuma and Ren from Tokyo in April!