Half My Tyrant, Half My Baby (Official)

Babysitting for an Attractive Man,Babysitting for the Handsome Guy,My Demon Tyrant and Sweet Baby,Nan Shen Meng Bao Yi Guo Duan,The Wife Contract and My Daughter Nanny,男神萌宝一锅端

Authors : Dong man she, Yoousi

Status : Completed

Genres : Comedy , Drama , Romance , Shoujo , Slice of life

Chapters: 200

Last update: 2 years ago

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The female lead Zhang Xiao was mistaken by Mu Ya, the daughter of Mu family, as her mother. Out of her kindness, she signed the contract with the CEO Mu Chen to be a babysitter of his daughter, thus starting her "babysitting life". Mu Chen, who was originally dedicated to his career, seemed to be gradually moved by Zhang Xiao, "I broke the contract. The penalty is my daughter and me with a payback period of a lifetime. Miss Zhang, would you accept it?"