For My Lost LoveChapter 95
Drama Romance Webtoons

I entered a romantic novel that I loved so much that I read it many times. I possessed the body of a wealthy commoner, bought the status of a fallen noble, and attended noble parties to witness the romance of the characters just like in the original. I thought I'd return to the real world after seeing through to the end… However, somehow, even after the novel ended, I wasn't freed from the body I possessed and lived the life in the original novel. As a result, I learned behind the scenes stories that I didn't want to know. My favorite second male lead, Kaelus, died. In the original novel without him, he crumbles, eventually falls ill and dies. Now I thought I would return to the real world, but, for some reason, as a joke of fate, I came back again after the end of the novel. This must mean to save my beloved, right?

For My Abandoned LoveChapter 95

I entered my favorite romantic fantasy novel! I may be a commoner, but I’m rich beyond belief. I quietly watched the romance of the main characters in the original novel, assuming I would go back to reality after reaching the novel’s ending... However, even after the ending, I am still stuck in this world! As a result, I learned the behind-the-scenes stories that I didn't want to know. My favorite second male lead, Kaelus, died. Living in poverty without him, I eventually became ill and died as well. I thought I would return to reality, but I went back in time instead. This is definitely... This means I have to save my beloved, right?

The Nerd Turned Out to Be the TyrantChapter 15
Drama Romance

City of ArroganceChapter 55

Ms. Pervaz, who led the war to victory at the age of 28 “Asha Pervaz”. For the long war-ravaged Pervaz Asha went to the imperial family to receive the victory reward promised by the Emperor. However, the only reward it returned was the «The right to choose a marriage partner». As a better option, Asha referred to the “Duke of Carlisle Haven”, the first prince recently denied the title of crown prince. If he refused, she intended to get alimony from the emperor, but… “Marquise Pervaz, I will accept your marriage offer.” Contrary to expectations, Duke Carlisle accepted Asha’s choice as his wife, and promised tremendous support to Pervaz.. ! read at to support us!

I Thought It Was a Common Isekai StoryChapter 68

I Was the Villainess Who Would Die by the Hands of the Male Lead, but I Know This Cliché! I thought it was a pretty good deal to die unjustly, as a payment for the price I paid for being the villainess. Until I realized that I couldn't escape from the original plotline. If I was going to die anyway according to the original, then let's give a kiss to my handsome husband! "Please satisfy me like a snake flower of Ridelhoff. You never know, it might even lead to some benefits." ... Why did the original plot start to change?

A Match Made in ManaChapter 50
Drama Romance Webtoons

Lilienne Islar died an abusive mother, a neglected wife, and a cast-off stepsister. So when she suddenly opens her eyes again as her younger self, she decides to set things right with the people in her life. Luckily, her stepbrother’s a secret softie who’s easy to win over. Her fiancé, on the other hand, is a magic-powered war machine doomed for insanity. With an illness draining her mana daily, will Lilienne have the strength to save her future husband and maybe even the whole empire?

Food Truck Owner Inside the DungeonChapter 20
Drama Shounen Supernatural Webtoons

"Don't yearn for a world different from yours, just live a normal life." Hunters, dungeons, I'm not interested in any of those. My life followed one single path that's of cooking. But the moment I was about to open my first long-awaited food truck.... [Class: You have awakened as a Food Truck Owner (Hidden)!] [Item: Dungeon Business Permit (Personal/Non-Transferable)!] - Business is only possible inside the dungeon Min Jiun, 21 years old, awakened as the owner of a food truck inside the dungeon.

Age of arroganceChapter 55
Drama Romance Shounen

The lord of Perbaz, who led the 28-year war to victory, ‘Asha Perbaz’. For Pervaz, who was devastated by the long war, Asha heads to the imperial family to receive the victory reward promised by the emperor. However, the only reward that came back was the <Right to choose a marriage partner>. As the best choice, Asha pointed out the ‘Duke of Carlisle Haven’, the first prince who had recently been deprived of the title of crown prince. If she was refused, she intended to receive alimony from the emperor… “Marquis Perbaz. I will accept your marriage proposal.” Contrary to expectations, the Duke of Carlisle accepted Asha’s choice. Promising tremendous support for Pervaz… !

Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better?Chapter 56
Comedy Drama Romance

She possessed a villainess who is known and hated for her evil acts in an unpopular novel. But because of her personality, it was extremely difficult for her to play the villainess role. But not for long… “I’ll fix your dress according to your taste this instant!” “My request.” “O-Of course! As per your request, there’s only one piece available in the whole Empire.” People around me listen to me well even if I just frown and sit still. Since I don’t have to live in difficulty, I decided to just comfortably live on as a villainess. “Father. Is it necessary for you to solve formulas in this slow and inefficient way?” I thought it would be good to be a rich villainess, so I used all my knowledge. “Why don’t you give me the honor of escorting the Princess?” I have had enough of dealing with my father, so why did an unexpected character suddenly appear? What if this person disrupts my plan?

I’m a Cat, but I Was Adopted by a Wolf Family?Chapter 20
Comedy Romance Supernatural Webtoons

Kittia, an orphaned kitten. The world is too scary for a kitten to be alone! Using her tricks, Kittia heads into wolf territory. "Hello? I'm Kittia, and I'm a brave wolf even though I look a bit young!" “…That's definitely a wolf."

The Empire’s Cutest Little HostageChapter 69
Drama Romance Webtoons

When life is so bad that you'd rather be held hostage, your next step is obvious. That's what Elaine realizes after a fatal accident slings her back to the past, where she wakes up as her powerless child self. All it takes is pretending that she's the daughter of her evil uncle the king to be captured by the enemy empire's tyrant. However, Elaine knows that she must struggle to prove her value as a hostage in order to survive. Or so she thinks... the last thing she expects is to take the emperor's heart hostage with her cuteness, of all things! It's not long before Elaine is adopted into the imperial family-- which includes a scary empress dowager and three equally intimidating princes. Earning their approval as an outsider seems like an uphill battle, but now that she's come this far, Elaine is determined to win over these formidable royals!

I Accidentally Tamed the DukeChapter 70
Drama Romance Webtoons

Caught up in her parents’ political scheme, Yurania is forced to lose her sight and voice in order to marry Duke Casius Euclid and betray him. After being imprisoned for her treachery and despised by all, she makes one dying wish to turn back time and freely live her own life. When Yurania miraculously awakens mere days before the betrayal, she seizes the opportunity to right everything... only to discover that her past relationships and all that she had known weren't what they seemed.

It Seems I've Transmigrated Somewhere [Speedcat Version]Chapter 43
Comedy Romance Webtoons

Even though the harsh reality feels like living as a beggar, to think that the end would be death from overworking! If it’s going to end like this, I should’ve been in a lot of relationships, but wait, oh my... who are you in the mirror? I’m a little flustered but this body… it’s really pretty! It feels like I’ve been transmigrated into a romance fantasy novel. Since I’m already like this, should I enjoy the romance while I’m at it? “But which novel did I get transmigrated into?” I’ve read dozens of books where the ‘Northern Duke’ and ‘Childhood Friends’ exist, I’ve read so many with a black-haired male lead and a blonde female lead, Ah~ I don’t know!! For now, let’s start by conquering the male characters! “I already have a promised marriage." “I volunteered for the Western Guard. We won’t be able to meet for several years.” What is this, is this really a romance fantasy novel? Why is everyone running away?! In the first place… was I really transmigrated as the female lead? What kind of novel is this!!!! <It Seems I’ve Transmigrated Somewhere>

Self-Made LadyChapter 68
Drama Romance Webtoons

Stuck in a loveless engagement with the crown prince and tired of living in the violent capital city, Violet Hale wanted a way out of her miserable life. Enter the enigmatic archduke Cedric Etchell, who breaks off her engagement and agrees to a contractual marriage with her as thanks for saving his estate. Determined to make it on her own once the contract ends, Violet starts her own business. Love isn't in the plan, but could the archduke make this self-made lady have a change of heart?

My Husband Who Hates Me Has Lost His MemoriesChapter 46
Drama Romance

Meet Lily Everett, the adopted daughter of the infamous Duke of Everett. She accepted this marriage for the sake of her family, her husband is named Theodor Valentino! whose family is falling down, had no intention of accepting her. As the story progresses, one day her husband will lose his memory… “…When your memories return, you will regret this.” “No, I won’t regret it at all.”

Pregnant in Boys SchoolChapter 90
Ecchi Romance Smut Yaoi

Bear my child. Even though I hate it, my body reacts to the feel of his fingers inside... Even my childhood friend is driven wild by my Pregmen pheromones.

The Promise Isn't MineChapter 25
Drama Romance

When her twin sister Leyla, the Holy Maiden, suddenly disappears one day, the ordinary Elena finds herself having to marry Crown Prince Kyle, a man infamous for his ruthlessness, in her stead. After a dreadful marriage ceremony, Kyle demands that a certain promise be fulfilled, to Elena’s confusion.

The Broken Ring : This Marriage Will Fail AnywayChapter 78
Drama Romance Webtoons

When six-year-old Inés laid eyes on the handsome heir to House Escalante, she promptly made the boy her fiancé. Since noble men are all the same, she figured she might as well choose a pretty one. But Lord Cárcel isn't ready for this sort of commitment just yet, and he spends the next decade and a half avoiding the marriage at all costs! Luckily, that's no trouble for Inés, as this marriage failing is exactly what she wants. In fact, he has her blessing to sow his wild oats as long as he stays out of her business. Unfortunately, being a playboy isn't as fun when your fiancée gives you permission. And doesn't this mean she's cheating on him too? Now, Cárcel is determined to change Inés' mind about him and prove he can be the husband she's always wanted.

The Villainess's Stationery Shop  〘Official〙Chapter 78
Romance Webtoons

What’s a girl to do when she wakes up in the body of a villainess? Meldenique Babelloa is a supporting character in a romance novel starring her fiancé, Duke Lennox Hessman, and… her sister, Sheria! Heartbroken, she eventually dies a tragic death as a villainess… or so the original story goes. Determined not to follow the script, Meldenique resolutely abandons her old life and sets out to open… a stationery shop! Will she succeed in defying fate and building the stationery shop of her dreams?

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolChapter 216
Action Comedy Drama Webtoons


Carnephelia's Curse is Never EndingChapter 75
Romance Webtoons

Princess Carnephelia was unloved and neglected until she met Helis, her first love. However, under the evil plots of her stepbrother Prince lanfried, she ended up destroying the only boy she ever loved. Devastated by what she had done, the princess swears revenge... even if it entails her life being cursed for eternity.

Counterattack Through PregnancyChapter 412
Comedy Romance Shounen ai Webtoons

It's not that terrible to have a rival in love. You know what makes things terrible? Your rival in love is actually reincarnated! His luv was taken away, his family died in tragic, his family business was taken up, and he himself went to jail... He thought that his bad luck should come to an end. But on the eve of his release, he... He came back again after his release. He punished the villains while living a happy life with his baby...

The Maid No Longer Desires her Master [Official]Chapter 34
Drama Romance

Lynn has never had an easy life. A beautiful girl with pale silver hair resembling that of the Empire's princess, she is sold to work in the Dukedom of Ereuputh. Elizabeth, the duke's daughter, harbors jealousy towards the princess and takes pleasure in causing Lynn to suffer. Despite enduring in silence, Lynn's life takes a turn when Martin, the young master of the dukedom, returns. He shows her kindness and she falls for him, knowing that it will only lead to heartbreak. Unable to resist, Lynn shares a passionate night with him, unaware that Martin is not the kind boy she used to know. For he's had a taste of her, and he will never let her go...

A Fortune-Telling PrincessChapter 60

Top actress Lee Sia with the ability to see ghosts. After the accident, she wakes up in the body of ‘Camila Sorpel’. The problem is that “Oh, father! Help me!” The end of this woman is death every time! Extending the lifeline is a priority, so let’s start by talking to the ghosts here first, shall we? “You will get a divorce soon.” “… what?” The atmosphere in the conference hall became quiet again at the word that was uttered like a hum. “What are you going to say now… … !” “Your servant’s wife.” The embarrassment was evident on the face of the other person in the following words. “She is also the wife of a subordinate whom she cherishes the most.” “Uh, what… … !” “Have you heard of my rumors?” Camilla smiled and took a step closer. “They say that the princess of the Sorpel family is looking at some fortune-telling.” from:

Isekai Maid no Mitsuboshi GourmetChapter 3.6

Gluttonous girl Shirley has been reborn in another world, but there is one problem: the new world does not seem to have hamburgers, beef bowls, or ramen noodles she loves so much. While missing the previous life’s age of plenty, she rouses herself to action, declaring, “Well, if you don’t have one, you just got to make it yourself!” In order to recreate the modern-day dishes, Shirley busies herself with cooking every day and the rumor of her starts to spread. Then one day, a scout from the royal palace pays Shirley a visit and asks her to be a maid to make snacks for the prince?! B-grade gourmet food and sweets are her areas of expertise! A culinary maverick causes quite a stir in the royal palace?

The White Tiger's DaughterChapter 20
Comedy Romance Webtoons

The Tiger Lord of the East is now my father?! When Ari opens her eyes, she finds herself reborn as a baby in the land of divine animals, abandoned in the middle of a forest. Luckily, the white tiger lord takes her in, but he plans to send her away once she is old enough. Can Ari find a way to stay at the palace for as long as possible?

Taming My Villainous Little BrotherChapter 78

After being reborn as a wealthy duchess's daughter, Yurenia Rohelio thought she’d live her days rolling in cash. Unfortunately, she’s also fated to die at the hands of her obsessive, villainous brother Lysandro! To secure a happy ending, Yurenia has little choice but to train her psychotic twin while he's still young so he doesn't become a villain! But just when she thinks her plan will bear fruit, she begins to realize that there is actually more to this dark story than meets the eye...

How to Clear a Dating Sim as a Side CharacterChapter 140
Drama Romance Webtoons

When Yewon opens her eyes inside Midnight, the top-ranked dating simulation game, she realizes things aren’t quite as fun when her own life is at stake without a “Load Save” option. The only way to clear Midnight is to reach a happy ending with one of the five love interests, but each route poses a different set of problems. Meeting the master of the mage’s tower will lead to almost certain death, the crown prince doesn’t even try to hide his animosity towards her, the merchant seems to be missing a few screws, and another barely speaks. The swordmaster seems relatively normal, but it turns out he’s a devout follower of the temple she’s desperately trying to escape. Will Yewon be able to capture the heart of one of these men and use her insider game knowledge to clear the game?

I Shall Master this Family! [Official]Chapter 152
Drama Romance Webtoons

The great Lombardi family was once at the top of the empire. After the death of its patriarch, the fate of the family and that of Firentia, born from a Lombardi and a peasant, fall to ruin at the hands of her useless and cruel cousins. But when she’s reincarnated as her seven-year-old self, she’ll work to protect the family’s honor, gain her grandpa Lulac’s favor, and prevent her own father’s death. In this lifetime, there’s only one way for her to win: become the head of their mighty household.

Traces of the MoonChapter 31
Drama Romance Webtoons

One would think Asina has it all as the daughter of Cromwall's archduke, but a serious case of the travel bug has her ditch her comfortable estate for the beautiful but deadly desert. Unfortunately, the first person she meets there happens to be Sihad Zain Behdad, the king of Cromwall's enemy nation, Pesian. First, he throws her in prison because he finds her suspicious. Then, he captures her when she breaks out and throws her in his harem! Can Asina hide her identity long enough to escape from the Sihad, or will she fall prey to the aloof king's unexpected charm?

My Angelic Husband is actually a Devil in DisguiseChapter 75
Romance Webtoons

Setia accepts the marriage contract offer from Miere Lunaria, a rich but dim-witted bachelor, only because she needs the money to get out of her family's debt. Only a month into their marriage, Miere goes missing and is presumed dead. Three years later, Setia is shocked when her "dead" husband returns as a hero. Their marriage contract is about to expire, but Miere has no intention of letting Setia go. You see. there's more to Miere than meets the eye... and he's not the half-wit that everyone thinks he is.

Pure Love OperationChapter 104
Comedy Drama Romance Supernatural

I saw my boyfriend kissing my best friend. if that wasn’t enough, I was with a guy whose guts I hate from my class, Go Eun-Hyuk. I was already shaken up… But apparently there’s a given amount of love that a person receives in their lifetime? And the amount of love I’m able to receive is ‘0’??? Soo-Ae, who’s trying to change her pathetic fate, and Eun-Hyuk, who got involved with Soo-Ae, and their headwind operation! She was only going to ‘act’ like she’s cheating on her boyfriend, but she starts to develop feelings for Eun-Hyuk?! This plan… will it truly work?

He's Just My Brother, Your Grace!Chapter 76
Drama Romance Webtoons

After losing her parents and ending up on the streets with her brother, Astel realizes she is actually in a novel where she and her loved ones die at the hands of a mysterious villain. Determined to change this, she decides to infiltrate the castle of Duke Anais and uncover the villain's identity! The first step of the plan succeeds, but now there's just one issue: she is bound to the shapeshifter duke as his mate! Will Astel be able to fulfill her goal while dealing with this new relationship?

I Adopted the Male Lead from the Shelter 〘Official〙Chapter 35
Romance Webtoons

In a universe ripped from the pages of a story, Siena Robert, a self-aware villainess, strives to rewrite her fate. Daughter of a man running a therianthrope shelter, she discovers Ivan Levdilin, the captivating male lead, detained within. Aware of her scripted demise when Ivan's father arrives for his rescue, Siena defies her villainous destiny. She showers Ivan with kindness, a stark contrast to the original Siena's cruel persona. Her actions shield Ivan from her father's cruelty and forge an unscripted bond between them that changes their destiny in an unforeseen direction.

Villains Are Destined to DieChapter 149
Drama Romance

This game’s got me obsessed! It’s like it’s taken over my life... wait—HARD MODE ACTIVATED. No-no-no-no-no! It has literally taken me and thrown me into the part of Penelope Eckhart. Love is easy as the heroine, but as the hated villainess, I’m trying very hard not to die… at the hands of my brothers… the prince… a fork… every possible ending is death! This world is stacked against me, but can my wits and insider game knowledge score the affection of these male characters? Or the reset button???

I will fall with the emperorChapter 100
Drama Romance Webtoons

If I accepted his offer and became his Empress at that time, would I be able to live a little longer? I don’t know but if I had I wouldn’t have felt that pain of dislocating my eye but only when I went 10 years back and stood next to him I realized he fell when I fell we were so much alike which is why he contacted me.

Little Rabbit and the Big Bad LeopardChapter 150
Comedy Drama Romance Supernatural

Vivi is a... wererabbit?! As a creature that’s supposed to transform into a human, Vivi is a failure, demonized as cursed and sent off to her doom. Luckily, her demise is cut short as Ahin of the Black Leopard Clan saves her. But with every threat and command this temperamental heir tosses at Vivi, she’s questioning her safety (and sanity). Surrounded by carnivores and their strong pheromones, she'll try to survive the chaos while stuck in her rabbit form. Will she figure out how to transform and tap into the power within her cute, furry self?

I've Become A True VillainessChapter 93

I have to survive, no matter what! Ive died and been reincarnated as the villain of a romance novel! In order to avoid the hideous fate that awaits me, Ive righted her wrongs and even gotten engaged. I should be home free, but strange things have started happening ever since the heroine appeared. Why won her fiancé leave me alone?

Flirting with the Villain's DadChapter 157
Comedy Drama Romance

Ack! I'm trapped in this webnovel, "Brigitte Wants to be Happy!" No prob, I KNOW what's gonna happen so I'll just—wait. I'm not Brigitte? I'm her aunt, Princess Yerenika?! Uh-oh. I'm stuck 20 years before the main plot... and everyone in my generation ends up tragically dead! Her parents, dead. Me, dead. Villain's dad, King Euredian, dead. A-ha! That's the key. I just need to prevent the villain from being born... time to break out some seduction schemes and flirt like my life depends on it!

My Boss Has XL SizeChapter 90
Comedy Mature Romance Smut

Don’t show me such an erotic expression to get me hard. Just the tip of his long, hard, rod was enough to fill me up...! Scheduled for every Wednesday!

Return Of The 8th Class MagicianChapter 81
Action Shounen Webtoons

It’s been many years since I’ve bloodied my hands for the United Empire and its emperor, Ragnar. I wanted to return to my hometown and live a quiet life as if to repent for my sins. However, “You are a great 8th class magician who is able to overthrow me and the empire at any time” “How could I let a monster like you stay alive?” After being betrayed on the verge of death by Ragnar, who was my friend as well as my Emperor, He stabbed my heart with a dagger that had time magic applied to it. “The redemption I want is to put everything back to its place.”

Father, I don't Want this MarriageChapter 131
Drama Romance

After waking up in the body of Juvelian, the villainess who is hated by everyone, and is cast aside by her lover as well as her father to die a pitiful death, she decides to change the course of the story. She breaks up with her lover and gives up trying to win her father's love to avoid her tragic end. Instead, she hopes to use his wealth to enjoy her new life to its fullest! But while she prepares for her extravagant life as a lady... her father looks for a new suitor for his daughter! In the fear that she might be married off to the infamous psychopathic prince, she desperately tries to find a solution: a dating contract! And her father's student seems to be the best candidate for the job!

I’m stuck in a crazy dramaChapter 23

Divorcing My Tyrant HusbandChapter 79
Drama Romance

Lim Jeongah used to be an ordinary grad student living in South Korea. After reading the novel “The Flower From Another World,” late into the night, she wakes up as Empress Robellia Le Castilla, the wife of the tyrant Alexandros the second. Though Jeongah had felt sorry for Robellia while reading the novel, she never wanted to become her. Alas, Jeongah must accept her new reality and find a way to divorce her husband. At first, she thinks this will be easy, as the emperor is always cold toward Robellia and only expresses affection to his consort in the novel. However, every act of trying to get Alexandros to agree to a divorce piques his curiosity instead. Will Jeongah succeed at getting the happy, solo life she wished for Robellia to have?

I became the Despised Granddaughter of the Powerful Martial Arts FamilyChapter 65
Drama Martial arts Romance

The main character possessed in the world of martial arts. She possesses Baek Ri-yeon, the foolish and nuisance daughter of Baek Ri-eui-gang, a true teacher who leads the male lead to the path of a hero. After being killed unexpectedly, when I open my eyes, I return to being a child who can undo everything. "Can I be loved this time?" In this life, with the conviction that she will become a mother's daughter, not Minpet's daughter, she begins a life of being respected by everyone from the granddaughter of the Baekris family. The obstacle family appears in front of Yeon who wants to walk only on a flowery path, and Pae-Hyeok Baek, the patriarch and grandfather of the patriarch, who even trembles even in the mountains and rivers with his gaze. "Do you think you're worth it!" "Yes!" There was no time to hide his embarrassment at the spirit of his granddaughter, "If there is even a weak hope, how can I give up as a father?" “…It’s like a wall window.” He is a grandfather who secretly opens his heart after being hit by a handsome son and daughter who are determined to be hated to save their daughter who is incapable of military service... I thought it was worth living at this point, but the male lead candidates' obsession suddenly started? Let's only walk on the real flower path now!

High SocietyChapter 32
Drama Romance

“Sell me. I will become the most expensive lady in Santnar.” Cesare, the prodigal son who has been troubled by his arranged marriage, makes a contract of sorts with Adele, a shoe shiner from the slums whom she meets by chance. She only has 3 months. He thought it’ll be freedom from his boring arranged marriage, but Cesare keeps getting more and more concerned about Adele’s behavior, which is quite different from the women he has seen so far… “The reason why you brought me here in the first place was to marry me off to Lord Ezra.” “That’s right.” Cesare answered obediently. For a moment, he burst into sharp laughter. “But why do I feel so dirty?”

Princess Blooms into a Crazy FlowerChapter 80
Comedy Drama Romance

“I, Melody Corbella, wish to marry him!” The rest of the table reacted in a cold enough manner for the Princess to feel ashamed, having raised her right arm vigorously with sparkles in her eyes. And then, Prince Deimos broke the silence to open his mouth, “We must not send a nutcase like her, Your Majesty!!” It was finally the moment where all of her crazy deeds in the past came to fruition; because the only way she could escape being sent off for Royal Marriage was to throw away the image of a Princess that everyone expected. She chose to cut her hair short and be reborn as the Crazy Flower in the Royal Palace.

The Perfect Plan for a Fairy-Tale Ending (Official)Chapter 87
Drama Romance Supernatural Webtoons

Once upon a time, Lalisa Blick was abused by her family, who wanted to take her diamond tears for themselves. Then one day, a prince appeared to save Lalisa and ride off into the sunset with her. But why was I reborn into this fairy tale as the evil sister, Marcia?! I need to leave this wretched house... but how can I leave my poor sister here in this hell hole? Instead of waiting for the prince to come, I can just bring Lalisa to him. This way, both of us can live happily ever after, right?

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