Absolute ControlChapter 82

Former general of the Empire, now a wanted criminal, accidentally fell into the trap that the hunter had prepared. Wait, isn’t this hunter the little angel that used to follow me around? The Angel is ruthless, vicious and unscrupulous. The second day of meeting the strongest Alpha walking this earth has transformed me into an Omega with sweet pheromones. Qi Wang Zhi! Don’t slaughter me, I’ll tell you my name!

Asahi, the Cheeky CrossdresserChapter 21

When I took off his dress and kissed him, I got excited down there...!? The first person I want to have sex with was a "crossdresser." By the popular author who created "Ore no Kanbotsu Chikubi ga Senpai no Shitapi de Tachimashita"!

Akatsuki no YonaChapter 260
Action Comedy Drama Romance

Yona is the sole princess of the kingdom, living the luxurious and carefree life as a princess should. She has it all: the finest clothes and cosmetics, the most divine sweets, a loving emperor as a father, and the hottest cousin crush, Soo-won, anyone could ever hope to have. Now, if only her bodyguard, Son Hak, wasn't so annoying to her and her hair wasn't so red.But her nearly perfect world quickly shatters, and now, after escaping from the palace, she must lead a life on the run from that point on.

Applause to our ancestor'sChapter 50
Webtoons Yaoi


Anata Janai to, Ikenai Unmei Gobusata Omega, Daikiraina Alpha to Ban TtemashitaChapter 30

"I want to thrust everything I have...into you!" The thought running through my head as the person I hate devours and stimulates my body beyond its limits. The sweet sensation never stops...!

A Night With The EmperorChapter 103
Comedy Drama Romance

24-years-old Penelope.A beautiful daughter of a baron on the outside, a swearing old lady on the inside!But the man who she spent the night under the influence of alcohol... was the Emperor?"Damn it, that man is everywhere.""I'll make sure to get my hands on her."Experience the youthful heart-fluttering romance fantasy of the two!

A Common Story of a Lady's New LifeChapter 106
Comedy Romance

Valerie thought she’d be a genius mage in this world. But when her magic can’t get past basic and her teacher shares a prophecy of a tiger coming to attack(!!), she opts to enjoy an ordinary life. Everything’s fine until she’s engaged to none other than Duke Kylus Dwello. It’s just one thing after another—the mysterious Serena, the servants who ship the duke and Serena, a prince who doesn’t understand boundaries, and even the duke looming over her bed! Can she get back to her nice, quiet life?

AV Danyu no Tachibana san ga, Etchisugite Komattemasu!Chapter 105
Romance Smut

"Come as many times as you like!" When those experienced fingers played with her nipples, tweaking them over and over again… she went crazy! Neglected by men as a "flower on a high mountain peak," Mika is a secretary with no sexual experience. With that in mind, she registers at a matchmaking website and makes the acquaintance of a handsome gentleman, Tachibana, but… he works as a porn actor?! Despite her surprise, Mika attempts to show her understanding. "In that case, would you like to try it out?" Her body reacts when his fingers slip inside her. His professional technique is… incredibly good!!

Amaku, TorokeruChapter 39
Romance Webtoons

“Your lips are so sweet... I feel like I'm going o melt just from a kiss.” Michi i a beautiful receptionist who cheerfully does her best at her job. She seems perfect, but actually she loves eating – a ton! Because of that, none of her relationshops have gone well, and she's afraid to confess her feelings to Taichi, the heir to one of her company's clients. One day, Taichi sees her eating a snack in secret on her br

Akuma to keiyaku o musunda: Kare wa watashi no shojo o ubattaChapter 22
Drama Ecchi Mature Romance

Am I… going to be raped by a demon!? My body is so wet, I can’t control it! He’s got me in the palm of his hand. can’t believe he’s going to steal my virginity…!

Aitsura, Zettai Yatta deshoChapter 120
Drama Romance

Today, for the second time, we were trapped again and he kissed me hard and deep while we couldn’t escape. But, if someone sees us, rumors will spread again…!

AoAo Waiting to Be EatenChapter 114
Comedy Shounen ai Webtoons

A story of an oriental little dragon playing with a western black dragon

A Beauty, A Fatal ConcubineChapter 262
Drama Romance Webtoons

Rebirth and come back, Mu Yunyao believes in three points: firstly, don't be kind to others; secondly, remove out the source of the trouble; thirdly, don't believe the true feelings. So, she is ruthless and unscrupulous. Instead of enduring, she would rather stir the world upside down. But after a encounter, there is always a cold prince following her and wanting to marry her...

A Beloved ExistenceChapter 128
Comedy Drama Romance

__arim: Soyou, who received heart transplant surgery. The donated heart belongs to the father of the guy in her class?

A straight bartender in a gay barChapter 72

See? The customers can't take their eyes off you." He teases my nipples, he teases me down there. The slick sounds it makes can be heard throughout the bar... But I'm not even gay!Yuzuki agrees to work in his friends place due to an injury but had no idea he'd be working in a gay bar!

A Hot Wet Job for Three -Adult Toy Tester-Chapter 12
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Mutsumi, a poor college student, takes on a shady but well-paying job as a toy tester, only to find out that the toys in question are exclusively for adults! His employers are a pair of handsome studs from his college, Kamishiro and Takase. Despite it being Mutsumi's first time, they test all sorts of toys on him, in various situations...

All Of YouChapter 41
Shounen ai Webtoons

Due to his scary appearance, Qi Shi has trouble finding a job.One day, at a school reunion, he meets popular fellow alumnus Nan Jue, who calls himself an image consultant. Claiming that he can help Qi Shi look more approachable, Nan Jue moves in with Qi Shi.But the gradually changing Qi Shi begins to realise Nan Jue’s secret, and their feelings slowly evolve...

As You Like It, MargraveChapter 284

To help Lady Selene avoid an unwanted marriage, the feisty maid Dian travels to the secluded Evenhart Castle in her stead and with her name! As she buys time for Selene, Dian seeks refuge with the Margrave, said to be a direct descendant of the legendary knight Sir Evenhart (Dian’s a BIG fan~). But even though he’s extraordinarily handsome, he’s as cold as ice. Somehow he agrees to let her stay a few days. Will her secrets (and his) be revealed? And could love blossom by the lake once again?

A Casual FriendChapter 67
Shounen ai Webtoons

[Fluffy Bear Scans x Meraki BL]Everyone has memories of their first love, for Dongha, those memories are bittersweet.In highschool, Dongha has an unrequited love towards Sungwoo. Fearing the backlash and shame he will suffer if anyone knows that he is gay, he hid his feelings for Sungwoo.This is the story of Dongha’s first love, as he spends his days regretting to follow his heart. One day, he receives a novel from Sungwoo titled “Sorrowful Gyeongsang”.As Dongha starts reading the book, he gets transported in the novel’s fictional world and meets a different Sungwoo. Determined to not lose Sungwoo ever again, he plays along with the story of the novel but . . .Meeting his first love again in Gyeongsang era, will his unrequited love be fruitful this time?

AshtarteChapter 95

“The Firenze Empire will be met with a new light and darkness, but the darkness will swallow the light and bring the empire to ruin.” In an imperial family praised for their silver locks, Princess Ashtarte’s unique black hair is immediately stigmatized as a bad omen. With her family shunning her for being the prophesied darkness, all Ashtarte wants is to be loved, and learning magic is her sole option to achieving that. One day, she stumbles upon a spell of destiny that teleports her to an unknown place. Waiting for her there is a boy in shackles named Abelion Elforman, who is anchored by a grim past of his own. Will these two be able to work together to bring light to their dark fates? 아슈타르테

Arrogance and RomanceChapter 174
Comedy Romance Webtoons

A tender story of four sisters in their late 20s/early 30s and their gradually figuring out life and love.

Absolutely Ruined LoveChapter 30
Comedy Mature Smut Webtoons

If you e still looking for a lover, what about me?Ma Dong-jae, a gay who is only against Hetero. I always dream of romantic love, but Ive never had a proper relationship. One day, after confessing to his partner, he heard the trash remarks and punished him. Someone who has noticed Dongjaes body approaches.

Am I Your Daughter?Chapter 106
Drama Romance Webtoons

Adopted by the abusive Count Zackary, Hailynn is imprisoned for over a decade but a tragedy sets her back in time and she’s now eight years old again! Eager to escape the horrors of her previous life, Hailynn runs away and crosses paths with a brave boy and the protective Duke Callisto. When a magical potion reveals she belongs to the powerful Callisto bloodline, the chaste Duke swears she can't be his! What is the secret behind Hailynn’s birth? And will she ever find a family that’ll love her?

A Royal Princess With Black HairChapter 107
Comedy Romance

Caruel and Euricienne have a lot in common: they're both 16 years old, belong to royal families, and absolutely hate the idea of a political marriage! Both are determined to make the other beg for divorce. But enemies on the sidelines are also scheming to tear them apart and even threaten their lives! As Caruel and Euricienne overcome various obstacles together, perhaps they're more drawn to each other than they initially thought… Will they follow through with the original plans to end their arranged marriage? Or does fate have something else in store for the reluctant couple?

All-Rounder Meguru (Official)Chapter 175.3
Action Martial arts

A smashing MMA manga from the critically acclaimed creator of Eden: It's a Endless World! High schooler and budding Shooto mixed martial arts fighter, Meguru Takayanagi, reunites with his old friend from grade school, Takashi Segawa, in the ring for the first time in seven years. However, while the two used to be good friends, due to the difference in their upbringings, Takashi now sees Meguru as an enemy. Without a moment of joy to commemorate their reunion, the old friends' match begins … Eden: It's an Endless World!'s Hiroki Endo brings you a new tale of Shooto, MMA, and youth!

A Shoulder to Cry OnChapter 30
Shounen ai Webtoons

Dayeol hears two guys fooling around in the nurse’s office and accidentally knocks over the curtain rod. When the nurse walks in on the scene, devilishly handsome Taehyun tells her that Dayeol tried to make out with him. Before Dayeol can correct the misunderstanding, the rumor spreads and his archery scholarship is in jeopardy. To make matters worse, Taehyun doesn’t show the slightest bit of remorse; in fact, he shamelessly begins hanging around Dayeol. It’s not long before the two begin walking the thin line between hate and love.

A Contract of Feelingless CEOChapter 185
Drama Romance Webtoons

She was the princess of rich family, but disasters stoke her one after another. Her father died from a car accident. Her stepmother drove her away. Her bestie and boyfriend betrayed her. What’s worse is that she messed up with the heir of Song’s Group, Eryn Song. She

A Match Made in ManaChapter 50
Drama Romance Webtoons

Lilienne Islar died an abusive mother, a neglected wife, and a cast-off stepsister. So when she suddenly opens her eyes again as her younger self, she decides to set things right with the people in her life. Luckily, her stepbrother’s a secret softie who’s easy to win over. Her fiancé, on the other hand, is a magic-powered war machine doomed for insanity. With an illness draining her mana daily, will Lilienne have the strength to save her future husband and maybe even the whole empire?

A Way To Protect You, SweetheartChapter 96
Drama Romance

I was forced to marry a man who hates me. Which is to be expected since my mother killed his family. “I want you to promise me before we get married. After 6 months of marriage, I want you to divorce me.” “…What?” “I know you were forced to marry me. We don’t need to draw out an unwanted marriage, do we?” “An… unwanted marriage?” He dazedly kept on repeating my words.

A Talented MaidChapter 86
Drama Romance

As Maurina, she's on the run as the last of her kingdom’s royal line. Disguised as Marie, she is just a maid, serving the victorious empire. She’s never been very good at anything, so when she's told to make a wish, she asks for the ability to help others and bring them happiness. Now as visions of brilliant and skilled people fill her dreams, she’s imbued with a bounty of abilities perfectly suited for any dilemma. But will her secrets last as the crown prince seeks out both Maurina and Marie?

An Unseemly LadyChapter 83

I was the only younger sister of the female protagonist in the reverse harem novel. In addition, I was exceptionally pampered by the female lead after waking up after being very sick. I used that to defeat the original inexcusable tr*sh male leads who only hurt my sister… ‘Lili, how are you? Do you like cake?’ ‘Lili is really pretty because she resembles her sister. Won’t you eat cookies? Please tell your sister that these were given to you by your wonderful brother.’ ‘Would you like to eat this and go over there for a while? I have something to say to your uncle and sister.’ For some reason, the male lead candidates seem anxious to see me. *** “I don’t play with ugly kids.” The boy in front of me muttered with a deep frown. What? Did you really just say that? I’ll show you what the real world is like. I gently pulled the hem of my sister’s clothes and shook my head. “I hate him, so I hate the older brother who brought him.” At the same time, Cedric’s face turned pale, similar to someone who had been sentenced to death.

A Black Rose BloomsChapter 65
Drama Mature Romance Smut

Dirt needs to be dug up on the Crown Prince Laurent. Zigrien, having been appointed to work under commander Sir Idris Klyne, has the perfect opportunity to get on the inside and bring to light any incriminating information. There’s just one issue: Idris Klyne is a bloodthirsty maniac and a lapdog of the crown prince. Getting caught snooping by Sir Idris could mean the end for Zigrien. But having access to the royal palace now, this is Zigrien’s perfect opportunity to satisfy his father’s objectives and thus avoid being sent off to do military duty in remote lands. But what was supposed to be standard eavesdropping turns into a shocking revelation. Now Zigrien is caught up in affairs he had never anticipated. Will love and lust wither or bloom in this wicked royal web that Laurent has ensnared him in?

Amina Of The LampChapter 146
Romance Supernatural Webtoons

On the day of the Wizarding City Paz’s destruction, Amina got stuck inside a lamp while trying to turn back time. And 300 years later, she was awakened by a military commander, Jackal. “I do not have any wishes for you to grant” Well, I just want to hurry and grant a wish so I can go back, Who the hell is this guy? “Do you know who I am?” “There is no one else in this world who knows you better than I do.” “That’s not possible….. I’ll disappear one of these days!” Amina, who needs to go back into the lamp after granted the wishes suddenly meets Jackal who wants to give up his wishes to be with her. However, there are many dangers and threats that prevent him from doing so. Will Amina achieve her wish in the end?

Alpha mateChapter 80.5
Smut Yaoi

The first love Yeonwoo comes to Sejun, who is holding back Rut while taking an inhibitor, as an ‘alpha mate.’ Alpha Sejun and Beta Yeonwoo. Can the relationship between the two, where misunderstandings accumulate and only add wounds, can be healed?

Absolute PossessionChapter 66
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Lia Henricksen, an adoptee who feels like an outsider wherever she goes, escapes her controlling family's grip just to return and find them murdered. Under fire by unknown assailants, she chooses the ultimate reprieve--death--but her efforts are thwarted by a mysterious man. Lia wakes up chained to a bed in an unfamiliar place with an enigmatic man standing over her. Ivan Yelka. Are the chains and locked doors really for her own protection? Can Ivan be trusted?

Abe-kun's Got Me Now!Chapter 47
Comedy Romance

If there's one person Akari can't stand, it's Abe: the big-headed, bigfoot ace of the karate club... right until he floors her with an unexpected confession! Even as Abe's embarrassingly straightforward (and frequent) declarations throw her for a loop, Akari finds herself unwittingly drawn to him over the course of summer break and the school festival... "Let's play a game. We're gonna see if you can outrun me before I catch you." The race for love against this wild man-beast continues! You'll be a junkie for pushiness before you know it!

A Friendship So ImpureChapter 50
Adult Drama Mature Romance

[Mature Audiences Only] Siyeong and Jihoo are "just friends." At least, that's what Siyeong tells herself before they share a steamy night that redefines their relationship forever. How was she supposed to know that the guy who invited her to work at his company, hasn't dated anyone in almost a decade, and has been pining for her since college might want more? Still, being upset with her lying boyfriend was no excuse for the drunken night she had with her pseudo-friendzoned boss. Now Siyeong is torn between the man she's loved for the past nine years and the one who was by her side through everything. Can she find the will to forgive the very person who sent her running into the arms of another man, or will she fall head over heels for her longtime friend and risk losing him forever?

A Sign of AffectionChapter 15
Drama Romance

"I've met you and my world and my heartbeat changed." The pure love story of a hearing-impaired woman and a man who travels the world.

Amai choubatsuChapter 239
Adult Drama Romance Smut

Hina is locked up in prison after being framed for a crime she didn't commit. There, she meets the cold and cruel warden Aki Myojin. She's at the mercy of his delicate touch and ravishing tongue everywhere: in the examination room, her cell, and even in the visiting room - with her lover watching! Bit by bit, her body is disciplined to give in to Aki Myojin!

A Married ManChapter 57
Adult Drama Webtoons Yaoi

Lim Wooyeon, who was celebrating his engagement at a reunion, encounters Lee Geom, who had went missing for eight years. In a dark alley, Lee Geom, who disappeared after suddenly kissing him, awakens the regret buried in his heart…Devil be Damned

An egocentric way of thinkingChapter 59
Adult Drama Mature Romance

For the chronically single and overworked Soohan, thirsting over his boss's firm booty is his greatest guilty pleasure. It's sad and pathetic, but after a long string of lousy exes and an even longer dry spell, the handsome and talented Mr. Woo seems just that much hotter. Sure, he comes with blazing red flags like his egocentric personality, his bizarre preferences, and his sadistic tendency to overwork his employees. But as off-putting as these qualities are, they aren't enough to deter Soohan's massive crush-- especially when the man keeps calling him "babe" and giving him special attention outside the office. Why on earth is his demonic yet charming boss asking him to pick out his bedroom sheets and cooking him his favorite dinner when they aren't even dating? Though he doesn't want to get his hopes up, Soohan can't help but wonder whether his self-centered boss is actually obsessed with him...!

A Stepmother's MärchenChapter 119

The Iron Widow, the Spider Widow, the Male Hunter, the Witch of the Neuschwanstein Castle, the embarrassment of noble ladies… These were all the words used to describe the Marchioness Shuli von Neuschwanstein. Despite receiving such harsh criticism from everyone, she persisted in raising her 'children,' left behind from her late husband. On the day of her eldest son's wedding, signaling his possession of the family's seat as Marquess, she felt she had finally tied up all loose ends and could live the rest of her life out peacefully. However, she had been terribly mistaken as she finds herself getting caught up in an accident and dying whilst leaving the castle on his wedding day. Upon opening her eyes, she finds herself waking up to the day of her husband's funeral, seven years ago. 'I refuse to suffer any more. I won’t live as I did in the past a second time!'

Ai o Ataeru KemonotachiChapter 8
Drama Romance Yaoi

A 40 year old doctor living in Japan is suddenly transported to another world. And as a bonus, he's regained his youth! He almost loses all hope after being sold into slavery and experiencing the worst this world has to offer when, suddenly, he's saved by two handsome beastmen!? A story of tender love in another world!

Across the dangerous OceanChapter 156
Drama Romance

The heir of Rochester Group, the grim bodyguard, the leader of a mafia gang and the mystery private investigator, 4 heroes with different personalities x domineering private investigator heroine Yuer Le saved a mystery man from the deep sea, but she never thought that she would be.....

Almighty MasterChapter 286
Action Comedy

Let's take a look at our young hero here, who was born and entered the world of Martial Arts. There's nothing that he cannot do! Be it music, chess, medicine or even culinary arts. Pretending to be the weakest while he is the strongest. Women from left to right, look at how an orphan rise. An orphan who will solve numerous cases and who will become the master of the city!

Angel or VillainessChapter 172
Romance Webtoons

My best friend betrayed me! Born from a low-ranking noble family, Angela grew to be renowned for her beauty and grace, becoming the prized angel of society, all with my enthusiastic support. Yet beneath that glitz and polish, she was simply... evil. She used me and had me killed out of sheer spite in her quest to become the empire’s greatest woman. But unlucky for her, a magical gift from a dragon has given me a second chance at life. No longer blinded by her light, I’ll do all I can to stop her!

An Omegas Love AffairChapter 10
Romance Webtoons Yaoi

Hyun, who had no usual contact with him, is embarrassed by the voice actors cheonggyeong-wall edifice, famous for his rich alpha. However, in order to avoid marriage and good, the contractual romance is concluded, and one day the two of them have a hot night of sweet pheromones. Their future steadily began to worry about each other...?

A Spoonful of Your LoveChapter 66
Comedy Romance

A secret office romance between the son of the CEO of a huge conglomerate and his newbie secretary slash perpetual liar! Yeonju gave up her career in order to chase after love, but only found herself left with scars and pain … After getting a position at a huge company as a secretary, she finds herself face-to-face with her new boss, Jaehyun, who also happens to be a former classmate of Yeonju’s! Jaehyun’s serious good looks and short temper earned him the nickname among his employees, “the S.H.B.”, or the “super, handsome bastard”. After a series of humiliating situations, Jaehyun admits that he no longer just wants to be friends, and would rather date. Yeonju, who had her mind set on never dating ever again, finds herself interested despite how hard she tries not to fall for him!

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