Heat of the Moment

Half Doggaebi,Half Dokkaebi,Heat of the Moment,半鬼療法,반도깨비

Authors : Yensha, Shin yuri

Status : Completed

Genres : Full Color , Historical , Manhwa , Mature , Supernatural , Yaoi

Chapters: 24

Last update: 2 weeks ago

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Ju Hee-yeon, the newly crowned emperor of the powerful Jewon Empire, possesses unparalleled authority and control over everything…except for one persistent affliction: an unrelenting fever, borne from his condition to carry the powers of the dragon. As his fevers worsen and desperation takes hold, an unexpected remedy presents itself in the form of Yeo-heun, a half-goblin rumored to possess the ability to absorb and nullify others’ heat. Intrigued, Hee-yeon seeks solace in an enchanting night shared with Yeo-heun. However, the emperor soon finds himself captivated beyond his expectations by the goblin’s endearing charm. As time passes and Hee-yeon recognizes deeper feelings stirring within his own heart, he begins to question if his infatuation with Yeo-heun is truly only a consequence of the heat of the moment…