No, I Only Charmed the Princess!

No, I Only Seduced the Princess?,아니, 저는 황녀님만 꼬셨다니까요?

Authors : Lee Yongga

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Shoujo

Chapters: 13

Last update: 6 days ago

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As if dying from overwork doesn't suck enough, imagine being reincarnated as a minor novel character who will also meet a pitiful end soon. With nothing to lose, Adelia makes the perilous journey to become the empire's first white mage in 300 years. Why? To have the crown prince marry her so she can have the power to get revenge on her abusive family, of course! And once she becomes a member of the imperial family, Adelia can live happily receiving the love of her favorite character, Princess Ariana. But wait, she never asked for Crown Prince Lucian's affection too!No, I Only Seduced the Princess?,, ?