Angel Buddy

엔젤 버디

Authors : Mastergin, Chungnyun

Status : Completed

Genres : Fantasy , Manhwa , Romance , Smut , Supernatural , Yaoi

Chapters: 82

Last update: 3 years ago

12,079 Follows


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To others, Sooho might appear a little strange. But to Sooho, there’s much more to “life” than the average person may ever know. And that’s because Sooho sees spirits. At first he thought his “abilities” were limited to the average ghost-y here and there, but one day he witnesses a real life angel floating in midair and staring at him. And then he promptly breaks said angel’s wing on accident. Sooho’s had many a ghost follow him around in his short life, but he’s never had to take of an angel… nor a spirit quite so handsome as Taker.