Why Are You So Kind To Everyone Except Me?

모두에게 친절한 너는 왜,Why Are You So Kind to Everyone

Authors : Mallinflower

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Adult , Drama , Manhwa , Romance , Webtoons , Yaoi

Chapters: 39

Last update: 2 days ago

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Kang Chaeheon. He's a high school alumnus, a university colleague in the same cohort and also Jeongyun's long-time crush. A man who's always at the top of the food chain but is kind and friendly to everyone. However, one day, Chaeheon is starting to become colder and colder to Jeongyun. 'Why are you so kind to everyone except me?' Jeongyun, who can't seem to see the reason behind it, had determined to let go of his one-sided love, but he failed every time. He continues his university life with him, all while hiding his own nervousness. "I have a lot of money. So, you don't have to reject or feel burdened by it." "I like it. When I touch or am touched by the other person. I like all touches with the person I like." Though with such icy looks, he still managed to make Jeongyun embarrassed with his unexpected words and actions that he does sometimes. As it happened on a regular basis, Jeongyun started to reminisce about his memories with him during their highschool days one by one... (VVS)