Xu Ge Yuan Ba! Da Xi

許個願吧! 大喜,Make a Wish! Daxi

Authors : Ke li

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Manhua , Romance , Shoujo

Chapters: 8

Last update: 4 years ago

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Gao Da Xi is a notorious delinquent youth; only Teacher Dai dares to challenge him. When Teacher Dai has to go and take care of his hospitalized daughter, he has no choice but to bring Da Xi along; this is the first time Da Xi and Tian Le meet... After this, Da Xi meets another boy who claims to be called "Angel" at the hospital. Angel says that as long as Da Xi promises him one condition, Da Xi will be granted one wish. What would his wish be...? Just like poems during spring softly capturing your ears or the warm currents in winter cleansing your eyes, after completing "Lovely Everywhere", Ke Li brings to you again a touching love story close to your heart!